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Soundproofing Drywall

Reliable, easy, and cost-effective noise reducing solutions for commercial and residential construction.
Introduced in 2002, QuietRock was the first manufactured sound damped panel on the market. Offering outstanding acoustic performance, QuietRock is the leading soundproofing brand installed using a breakthrough thin wall technology. With just one layer QuietRock exceeds STC code requirements for both residential and commercial applications. QuietRock is laboratory tested delivering high STC performance that outperforms multiple layers of gypsum and is dramatically more reliable - replacing traditional noise reducing methods like resilient channel, mass loaded vinyl, and soundboard.

QuietRock products range from ½” – 1 3/8” providing options for specific design goals. Having been installed in over 70,000
projects, QuietRock is an ideal application for residential, commercial, government, healthcare, schools and media centers.

EZ-SNAP technology is Serious Energy’s latest innovation, making soundproofing drywall as easy to use as standard drywall. With 2 million panels installed, QuietRock ES is the professional’s choice for soundproofing.

QuietRock ES Mold Resistant is the newest addition to the EZ-SNAP family, offering the same high acoustic performance with excellent mold resistant treatment, ideal for mold sensitive applications.

The QuietRock line offers a breadth of products suitable for your specific needs and design goals. Click below for details, or use our simple assembly-guide selection tool to find the right solution for you.

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